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"Cerámica Negra" is a beautiful bilingual book containing full-color spreads with scene details that visually tell the story of artisanal Black Pottery production in Nicaragua, and the incredible group of women that carry on the tradition today.  Divided into 12 chapters, the book follows 12 women from the San Expedito Cooperative as they take the reader through the 12-step Black Pottery process.  With over 100 photos and detailed descriptions, the reader gains an exclusive insight into the craft of Black Pottery, blending the ancient production process with the engaging stories behind each artisan.  

The book can be purchased at the Cooperative, or at the participating locations below.  For inquires about international shipping, please contact us at: 

All proceeds from book sales are donated to support the development of Black Pottery production in Nicaragua.    

Hardcover: 155 pages
Publisher: Inde Creative, Inc. 
Language: English & Spanish
Author: Bryson Adams
ISBN: 978-0692593677
Dimensions: 11x0.75x13
Weight: 3.25lbs


Cooperativa San Expedito
Km 174 Carretera a San Rafael del Norte
Entrada a la Escuela Tomatoya
200 vrs. al Oeste, 300 vrs. al Norte
Las Cureñas, Jinotega

De la Rotonda Rubén Dario
1 cuadra al Oeste,  1 cuadra al Sur
Managua, Managua
T: +505-2278-1210

Calle La Calzada
Del Parque Central, 1 cuadra al Este
Granada, Granada
T: +505-8895-4287

Café Flor de Jinotega
Del Contran Norte, 1/2 cuadra al Norte
Jinotega, Jinotega
T: +505-2782-2617


Café Bosque
Hospital Victoria Motta
1 cuadra al Oeste, 1/2 cuadra al Sur
Jinotega, Jinotega
T: +505-8770-5750

Selva Negra Ecolodge
Ecolodge Giftshop
Km 140 Carretera Matagalpa - Jinotega
Matagalpa, Matagalpa
T: +505-2770-1894