What is Black Pottery?

Black Pottery, known locally as Cerámica Negra, is a unique form of indigenous pottery found in only a few countries in the world and characterized by its brilliant black coloring.  In Nicaragua, Black Pottery is produced exclusively in the Jinotega region where it remains true to its native roots.  An art-form with pre-Columbian origins, the process of Black Pottery production in Nicaragua has remained relatively unchanged as it has been passed down from parent to child through generations.  Today, Nicaraguan Black Pottery is still produced completely by hand utilizing the same rustic techniques that the area's ancestors used centuries ago.  Black Pottery acquires its signature coloring through an organic finishing process; a secret kept by artisans for centuries. 

Black Pottery for Everyday Use

At the San Expedito Cooperative we create a large selection of utilitarian pieces that are suited for everyday use.  Some of our most popular pieces include coffee mugs and small bowls, but all of our dishes and cookware are made to be used regularly.  Here are a few examples of our utilitarian pieces. 

Black Pottery for Decoration

In addition to our line of utilitarian Black Pottery, we have a large selection of decorative pieces ranging from beautiful flower vases to simple animal figures.  And, just like our dishes and cookware, our decorative pieces are made to the same standard allowing them to be used regularly.  Here are a few samples of our decorative pieces.  

Black Pottery to Wear

The cooperative also crafts beautiful jewelry pieces, including necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.  Made completely by hand using the same process as our utilitarian and decorative pieces, our jewelry incorporates both traditional and contemporary designs and styles.  Some pieces are completely black, like our pottery, while others incorporate the use of handmade clay beads in their natural coloring.   Here are some examples of our jewelry.