Crafting Traditional Cerámica Negra in the Mountains of Jinotega

Welcome to the San Expedito Cooperative! We are a women’s ceramics co-op dedicated to making authentic artisan Black Pottery, native to the Jinotega area in northern Nicaragua.  As part of the region’s indigenous cultural heritage, our Black Pottery is all-natural, chemical free, and made completely by hand using traditional techniques and designs inherited from our ancestors.  


Pottery Sales and Tours

At the San Expedito Cooperative we are proud of our indigenous heritage and passionate about sharing the region’s unique artisan craft and culture that has been passed down from generation to generation. Our cooperative offers a large selection of quality Black Pottery pieces for sale in our display room located in the community of Las Cureñas, just a short distance from the town of Jinotega.  We also offer custom pieces made to order.  Visitors to the cooperative have the opportunity to learn about traditional Nicaraguan Black Pottery production through a comprehensive, hands-on tour.  

About the Cooperative

The San Expedito Cooperative is a women’s ceramics co-op dedicated to producing high quality, artisanal Black Pottery.  Made up of talented local artisans from the Las Cureñas community in the Department of Jinotega, we utilize traditional methods and designs to make Black Pottery the same way our ancestors did centuries ago. From harvesting the clay in local mines, to firing each piece in hand-built artisan kilns, each piece is meticulously made by hand, and our complete process pays tribute to our heritage and the authentic production of Nicaraguan Black Pottery. 

About Black Pottery

After being seemingly lost for centuries, the indigenous art of Black Pottery in Nicaragua was rediscovered in traditional villages in Jinotega where native women held true to the ways of their ancestors. Today, the indigenous women of the San Expedito Cooperative are passionate about saving their cultural heritage and keeping Black Pottery alive.