Sales, Tours, and Custom Orders

At the San Expedito Cooperative we are proud of our indigenous heritage and passionate about sharing the region’s unique artisan craft and culture that has been passed down from generation to generation. Our cooperative offers a large selection of quality Black Pottery pieces for sale in our display room located in the community of Las Cureñas, just a short distance from the town of Jinotega.  We also offer custom pieces made to order.  Visitors to the cooperative have the opportunity to learn about traditional Nicaraguan Black Pottery production through a comprehensive, hands-on tour.

Pottery Sales


The San Expedito Cooperative offers the largest selection of Black Pottery ceramics in Nicaragua, with over 100 different designs.  From coffee mugs, to fruit bowls, flower vases, wall hangings, necklaces and earrings, the co-op produces an extensive variety of both traditional and contemporary pieces inspired by local heritage.  Whether decorative, utilitarian, or jewelry, profesional artisans from the cooperative carefully create each piece by hand using methods and styles influenced by our indigenous past.  Since the process is all-natural and chemical free, our Black Pottery is perfect for everyday use, or for decoration around your home or business.   Our Black Pottery can be purchased directly from the cooperative located in Las Cureñas, or look for our work in these hotels and cafes throughout Nicaragua.  


Café Flor de Jinotega
Del Contran Norte, 1/2 cuadra al Norte
T: +505-2782-2617


Hotel Los Arcos
Del costado noroeste de la Catedral
1/2 al Norte
T: +505-2713 -3830


Hotel Casita de San Payo
Del Parque 2 1/2 cuadras al Norte
T: +505-2784-2327


Hotel Con Corazon
Calle Santa Lucia 141
T: +505-2552-8852

Calle La Calzada, Parque Central, 1 c E
T: +505-8895-4287

Jicaro Island Ecolodge
Granada Isleta
T: +505-2558-7702


Hotel las Cabañitas
Calle La Esperanza | Optica Munkel 1cuadra arriba 200 mts al sur, Managua
T: +505-2278-3235


Selva Negra Ecolodge
Ecolodge Giftshop
Km 140 Carretera Matagalpa - Jinotega
T: +505-2770-1894

Pottery Tours

For curious tourists, organized groups, and pottery enthusiasts alike, the San Expedito Cooperative offers an exclusive tour experience with an informative presentation and engaging demonstration that explores the heritage of Black Pottery in Nicaragua, together with the production process today that remains true to the area’s pre-Columbian art.  Guided by local women from the cooperative, visitors learn about the history of Black Pottery and are taken step-by-step through the artisanal Nicaraguan Black Pottery production process that has been passed down through local families for generations.  Complete with a pottery demonstration in the cooperative’s workshop, guests have the opportunity to try their hand at the potter’s wheel, meet local artisans, and visit the cooperative’s display room. Custom tours also available.  Please contact us to arrange a tour.  

Custom Orders

In addition to our traditional pieces and designs, we make unique custom ceramic pieces to order at the San Expedito Cooperative.  This unique customized ceramics service allows clients to order custom pieces designed specifically for their personal or business needs.  Once designed, custom pieces are then created at the cooperative using the same high standards and traditional techniques found in all of our work.  With customers in the tourist industry and and ever-developing network of hotels, cafes, and restaurants, the cooperative engages its talent and creativity to satisfy a diverse clientele.  Please call for information regarding custom orders.